Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Srego ceCmd beta program extended until March

The beta program for the Srego ceCmd application has been extended until March.

The Srego ceCmd application is a GUI application run from the desktop, but it controls a connected Pocket PC, Window Mobile, or Windows Smartphone device. Similar in spirit to both the Srego CE ToolPack command-line utilities and the Srego CE ToolPack ActiveX control, the Srego ceCmd provides the user with a tool to copy files to and from the connected device, create and delete directories, delete files, start applications, and check device information. A built-in command history is supported as well as the use of Command Files which can be created and run to simplify repeated tasks. The current directory concept is also used by the Srego ceCmd allowing users to set the current directory on the device and simply use this relative path when manipulating files on the device. Files can also be dragged-and-dropped from the desktop into this current directory on the device.