Friday, April 13, 2007

Changes in ActiveSync 4.5 Break CopyDB and ceDBCopy.exe

Microsoft states in its description of ActiveSync 4.5:
  • Conversion of database files for use on a mobile device is not supported by ActiveSync 4.5. On previous versions, this feature was limited to devices running Windows Mobile software for Pocket PC 2003 and earlier.
This change breaks the CopyDB method in the Srego CE ToolPack ActiveX control and the ceDBCopy.exe utility in the Srego CE ToolPack Command-Line Tools.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Srego CE ToolPack ActiveX version is Available

Srego CE ToolPack ActiveX version is Available.

Visit the Srego Support page to download.

----------- - 04/11/07

- NEW - To better support non VB 6 platforms, two methods were added to create and maintain a ByteArray buffer (ByteBufferClear and ByteBufferAddValue). A new version of the RegSetBinaryValue was added called RegSetBinaryValueFromByteBuffer which does not require the passing of the byte array and simplifies its use for other development platforms.
- NEW - New Methods:
  • boolean ByteBufferClear()

  • boolean ByteBufferAddValue(long value)

  • boolean RegSetBinaryValueFromByteBuffer(long key, BSTR subKeyName, BSTR valueName);