Friday, March 30, 2007

The Srego ceCmd utility (CE Command Prompt) is Available for Testing

The Srego ceCmd is a Command-Prompt Window similar to the Windows Command Prompt. It is installed and runs on the desktop, but it manipulates a connected Windows Mobile Device. The ceCmd uses RAPI to communicate with the connected device and no software needs to be installed on the device itself. The utility supports devices running Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, and CE.NET. On the Srego support web page, you can download a trail version of the software or read the product documentation

The Srego ceCmd application is still in beta and is not yet complete, but it does contain a significant amount of functionality. The idea behind ceCmd is to provide another style of input for a connected Windows CE device. The ceCmd is not exactly like a Windows Command Prompt because there are several things about the Windows Command Prompt that can be improved upon (especially when applied to a connected device). However, if you are familiar with using a Windows Command Prompt, the ceCmd should feel familar. The basic functionality of ceCmd is described below:

File Info and Manipulation Commands

  • DIR - Directory Information
  • COPY – Copy files on the device, from the device to the desktop, from the desktop to the device
  • DEL, ERASE – Delete files on the device
  • MKDIR, MD - Create Directories on the device
  • RMDIR, RD - Remove Directories on the device
  • CD , CHDIR – Change the current directory on the device

Command History

  • Use the Up/Down Arrow Keys to traverse the command history
    Command History Dialog to view and manipulate command history (View/Command History)
  • Command history is persistent between sessions

Drag and Drop File Copying

  • Drag and Drop files on the Srego ceCmd Application window and they will be copied to the device’s current directory.

Device Information

  • INFO – Get information about the connected device:
    Device Id, Available and Total Memory, Available and Total Storage Space, Battery Status, AC Line Status, Processor Type
  • VER – Displays the connected device’s Windows CE Version.

Miscellaneous Commands and Features

  • HELP – Get help on individual commands.
  • EXIT – Exit the Srego ceCmd application.
  • CLS – Clear the display buffer.
  • Connection Status indicator

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Srego CE ToolPack ActiveX version is Available.

Visit the Srego Support page to download.

----------- - 03/28/07

- NEW - New Methods:
  • boolean GetCurrentRecPropStringAlt(long pos, VARIANT* data, VARIANT* size);
  • BSTR SetLocale(long category, BSTR locale);

----------- -

- CHG - The GetCurrentRecPropBlob will now return LPWSTR types as a byte array.~

Srego CE Toolpack Command-Line version is Available

The Srego CE ToolPack Command-Line tool version is Available.

Visit the Srego Support page to download.

----------- - 03/28/07

- NEW - the /Deploy flag was added to cePush. This flag allows files, such as a .cab file, to be immediately executed after it has been copied to the device.